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Because Christmas holidays are soooo long and boring, your teachers do not want you to get bored these days so you will have to write a book! On paper, digital, video...! Here you are some suggestions that will help you:

1.- Choose an animal you like.

2.- Do the cover (portada) with the name of the book, the author (written by: ) and the illustrator’s name (illustrated by: )

3- On the first page you can write what group of animals they are , vertebrate (mammals, birds…) or invertebrate (molluscs, worms...) how long their gestation or incubation is, the name of their babies…

4.- On the second page you can write what their bodies are covered of (fur, feathers, scales..) what colours they can be, if they change their skin, if they breath with lungs or with gills,,,,,

5.- On the third page you can write about what they eat (if they are carnivorous, herbivorous….) what kind of food they eat, where they find it, how they hunt it…

6.- On the fourth page you can write about where they live the environment, countries….

7.- On the fifth page you can write how they live, if they usually live alone, in groups, if they awake at night or at day…..

8.- On this page you can write about curious and funny facts about the animal.

 You can add as many pictures as you like .

The book can be on paper, digital or a presentation.

In January we will read them or play the presentation to the rest of the class and leave them in the classroom library for everybody to see and read. HAVE FUN!!!!!

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gravatar.comAutor: Daniel T.G.

I like it, Christmas will be fun with this.

Fecha: 14/12/2018 15:32.

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